HID iClass 2k/2 non-programmed cards



The HID iClass 2k/2 non-programmed cards, features 13.56MHz iClass read/write smart card technology in a standard PVC or composite 40% polyester / PVC card.

When ordering iClass format credentials, you will need to provide the facility code, 0 to 255, and a unique start serial number, 0 to 65,435, (only for 26-Bit and 27-Bit) to be programmed. If you have a Corporate 1000 Format (35-Bit and 48-Bit), contact us.


  • Bit Format Options: H10301 26-Bit, H10307 27-Bit, H10304 37-Bit, H10302 37-Bit (No serial)
  • Facility Code Range: 0-255 (For 26-Bit)
  • Number Range: 0-65,435 (For 26-Bit)

VAT Included

Product code: HID2000

Additional information


High frequency (13.56MHz)


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