Pvc Card with Hico Magstripe on Back


This card brings you a higher level of quality.

The quality of our cards allows a printing quality and good readability of elements.

Great for credit cards, bank cards, membership or loyalty cards, access control cards…



Magstripe cards

PVC magnetic stripe card.

What are Magstripes?

Magnetic stripe cards are used to store data for ID card programs.

Industries include:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Business
  • Retail.

Magnetic stripe cards are more durable and longer-lasting magnetic stripe cards than their LoCo (Low Coercivity) alternatives.

Looking to pack a punch behind your card? The Hico Magstripe card is your card. With a strong magnetic field, not much can compromise the integrity of your data stored on a Magnetic stripe card when exposed to outside magnetic forces.


  • Credit cards
  • Bank cards
  • Library cards
  • Access control cards
  • Time and attendance cards
  • Employee ID cards
  • Gift cards
  • Business cards
  • Membership cards
  • Loyalty cards.


PVC Magnetic stripe cards must be handled with extra care.

They can be easily contaminated by dirt, oils, and dust particles.

Running contaminated PVC cards through your printer can ruin the print quality of the card and can cause damage to the internal print head.

Keeping your cards stored in a safe environment and handling the magnetic stripe cards by the edges can help reduce the possibility of these types of problems.


  • Ideal support for outstanding printouts
  • Compliant with ISO CR-80 standards: Length: 85.6mm and width: 54mm
  • Magnetic stripe blank line available in one thickness: 30MIL
  • HiCO magnetic stripe or LoCo
  • PVC cards lifespan: 2 to 3 years minimum
  • Package: boxes of 5 sealed packs of 100 cards

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Additional information


Gold, White


Low frequency (125KHz)


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