Why key fob cards are great for your gym

Wellbeing in a gym environment helps people with mental and physical health.

Gyms are a great place to de-stress and have some “me-time”. They’re important for the overall health and wellness of our population. It is therefore important that a gym provides all the facilities that make exercising a good experience for its members. Key fob cards are an important way to make the overall gym experience a good one.

Manually signing in takes time and can affect your members overall experience of the gym.

If your staff members are constantly swamped with manual sign-ins at the front desk, unable to cope with the number of people coming in. You are facing a huge customer service problem.

You are in desperate need of an access control key fob cards system.

People are generally impatient, waiting to get into gym ruins the experience and demotivates members.

People are generally impatient. If you do not have one of these systems already in place, you will understand how frustrated members can be if not served fast enough. They demand their money’s worth and would rather take their business elsewhere.

This could be damaging during these challenging times.

Having an access control system (key tag cards) will save you time and money and make the overall experience better for your members. Keeping them coming back for more.

This article explains why key tag cards are the best for your business and an essential change.

What is a key fob card?

These key fob cards can be customized to your desired text, logo and images. They are made for membership, loyalty, gym, grocery etc cards.

A card key tag is half a card that contains important information such as member ID, company logo, text and barcodes.

They’re incredibly fast and are easy to swipe or scan. Making them built for an array of environments such as grocery stores to gyms and member-only clubs.

Small RFID chips are embedded into your key fob card to grant you access to your gym. Key fob cards are small pieces of technology, highly convenient and easy to access to the gym.

Key tag cards possess the same power as your standard-sized loyalty or membership cards because of built in RFID technology.

Benefits of access control

1. Managing a constant flow of members

Proper control systems in place ensure that there are no lines and members can come and go as they please. Key fob cards enable members to come and go as they please.

Without a proper control system in place, front desk staff have to manually sign people in and police members coming in and out.

This leaves many members frustrated, demotivated and unhappy with their gym session to begin with.

Your members do not want to wait in a long line to enter the gym. They most probably had to talk themselves into this gym session. Making them wait confirms why they did not want to come in the first place.

Those members that plucked up the courage to come to the gym want to be in and out within an hour, so they can enjoy the remainder of their time relaxing.

Staff have more time to help members out as they no longer have to man the front desk. Key fob cards initiate self access and no need of a person to sign you in. This improves the overall customer service of members.

With better access controls in place, you will improve the arrival experience and encourage many more members to attend knowing that there will be a warm welcome without the hassle of signing in.

You will be able to manage a constant flow of members with no waiting periods.

Your staff will not have to continually police the entry area allowing them to focus on customer service. The key tags will do most of the work.

2. Easy accessibility

Having access cards in wallets is inaccessible. Cards will get lost or stolen. Key fob cards and tags are easy to access and notice.

Cards are bulky and take up a lot of real estate in your wallet or pocket. They are not easily accessible and often get lost or stolen.

Key fobs membership cards are a great way to ensure that you have your key tag card with you at all times. They are easy to reach and less likely to be misplaced.

Their small and lightweight approach means that you can easily attach them to your keychain without really noticing. Keeping them safe and secure with your keys.

3. Increased security

Access control key fob cards let gyms take care of security while allowing members to feel safe and secure in the gym.

Preventing access to non-members allows you to know how many members are in the gym in case of an emergency, creating a safer environment.

With gym access controls, the system can restrict access for guests who are behind in their payments without having to be confronted or shamed by a staff member.

4. Improved data analysis

Looking at your data from the key fob cards will allow you to identify your market in the gym. You can increase customer service by knowing what they want.

Each time a member enters your gym a “check-in” is recorded. This allows you to go back and understand the data from the key tag card.

This is important because it will help you learn a lot more about your customers and their needs.

5. Low price

The price of a key fob card is significantly lower than any other access control system. They are quick to produce because of their small size.

COCID-19 has made it difficult for gyms to stay open. Important precautions are necessarily implemented to stay open.

This is beneficial in times of COVID-19 where many gyms are struggling to stay open and have to comply with regulations that may be costly.

Key tag cards are contactless welcoming stations, ensuring that gyms comply with protocols. As a result, building a safe environment for when gym-goers return.


Easi-card has supplied gyms like FIT 24 with a solution to limit costs and run their operation successfully, hassle-free. Fitness security is an important aspect of running a gym and is important for member experience too. Key tag cards take care of unnecessary issues.

Let us help supply your gym because access control should not be an issue.

We specialize in the provision of security services and solutions to customers. Our mission is to make ID card products affordable, accessible and easy to use for all.

Contact us and get a quote for more information.

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