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Easi-card recycle PVC cards with mpact South Africa

How we recycle 180 000 access cards each year

By now you have probably come across a news article, a facebook post, instagram pic or twitter tweet, which sheds some light on the current state of our Oceans. The facts, figures and pictures displayed are overwhelming and so depressing,...

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Advantages of PVC Cards

Advantages of PVC Cards

Advantages of PVC Cards PVC Cards, known as Polyvinyl Chloride are plastic cards composed of a graphic quality version. When it comes to these types of cards, Easi-card aims to keep the level of quality at top priority. The high...

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10 Reasons Why You Need HID Mobile Access

10 Reasons Why You Need HID Mobile Access

Ten Reasons Why You Need HID Mobile Access. The future of Mobile Access has finally arrived. It is the latest development in physical access security. It gives users the advantage in the increasing mobile-first world by allowing our smart devices...

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