Bindyman Thermal Binder


This machine binds multiple documents within minutes.

The low-cost machine that makes your documents look very professional and neat.

Great to use in your office as you can easily move it around.

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Thermal binder machine

The thermal binder machine is a cost-effective solution for professional documents.

The Bindyman Thermal Binder is an essential cost-effective solution to your document binding needs. If you are looking to bind loose documents that need protection from being lost or damaged, or if you are looking to create a professional file that shows off your brand, the Bindyman is perfect for you.


    • Insurance Policies
    • Reports/ Financial Statements
    • General filing of loose copy orders
    • Wills/ Testimonials, Legal documents
    • Formal quotes, proposals & Tenders
    • Scholars/ Students, Projects, Assignments
    • CV’s
    • Presentation documents of any kind
    • Price lists

Advantages of machine

  • Looks professional.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • No punching paper needed.
  • Bind multiple documents at a time.
  • University dissertations look professional and are difficult to remove pages.
  • Great for catalogues and brochures, to make your office look attractive.

Light & compact machine

This is an entry-level thermal binder.

It is a great size for medium to large office spaces.

The Bindyman thermal machine allows you to produce:

  • Professional
  • High-quality documents

How to use

  1. Plugin the bindyman and turn it on.
  2. Wait for the thermal machine to heat up. Approximately 2:20 minutes.
  3. The machine will beep 3 times to let you know it is ready.
  4. Place your documents into the covers provided. Make sure that they are neatly positioned firmly against the spine.
  5. Place the document into the machine.
  6. Press the button to start binding.
  7. Wait 1:20 minutes until the document is bound.
  8. Once it beeps, the document is done and you can remove it from your bindyman.
  9. Firmly tap the spine to make sure the glue is set.
  10. Place the document on the cooling rack for 2 minutes.

How much does it bind?

Binds up to 250 sheets in a single document using 20mm covers or multiple smaller ones simultaneously.


 Specifications Details
Operating Voltage: AC 220V-250V 50Hz
Current: 1.3A
Dimensions, mm (L x W x H): 394 x 140 x 100
Net Weight (kg): Approximately 1.5 kgs
Max. Entry Width: 330mm
Binding Range: 1mm (10 sheets) to 25mm (250 sheets)(75gsm)
Temperature control: Not Available
Warm-up time, minutes About 3 minutes
Recommended Duty Cycle 20 min, on/30min. OFF after READY lighted up (230V)

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